At the root of yoga is self-inquiry

Yoga is about exploring, looking inwards, finding your own rhythm of movement and stillness, finding your own way to health and wellbeing.

Yoga has a number of principles, one of the key ones being SVADHYAYA, self-inquiry, attaining self-knowledge. Another is AHIMSA, non-conflict. In terms of the body and the breath, we want to find ways to move that take us away from any conflict, any unnecessary pain or suffering.

In yoga classes, I invite you to ask questions that are answered in the body – How does it want to move today? To express itself? What happens when you allow movement to arise naturally? Can you feel and connect into your own inner rhythm of movement and breath?

The breath is our constant and moving reminder to be present in the moment – the rise and fall of a wave. Can you begin to notice how the breath and the body interact? How they relate to each other and to how you feel?

Are you creating restriction or freedom? Is there conflict? Can you move towards ease?

The whole thing is an exploration, an invitation to inquire, to play, to have fun!

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