Feel the rising energy of winter’s slow-flow

Full Moon Rising Breathing Space, Friday 26th February 7.30pm on zoom

In both the Indian Ayurvedic and the Chinese medicine systems, winter energy is described as deep and continuous, movement that just goes on and on and on. It certainly feels like that this February!

We can help ourselves by finding ways to break the monotony, by enjoying everyday moments – noticing signs of the changing season, finding a new route for our morning walk, or (my favourite at the moment) planning the veg plot ready for some serious seed-sowing at the next new moon.

In yoga this month, we’re following the cycle of the moon to give a structure to our winter practice and channelling our ‘Winter Warrior’ energy. New moon is quiet and introspective time, calling for self-sufficiency and the patience to yield. As the moon waxes, energy slowly grows and our practice can echo that. Our warrior becomes a bit more dynamic, stronger and more energised. As we reach full moon, it’s time to express our full capacity to enjoy life, to exercise our will power, to reach outwards. We can embody courage to meet our goals, connect to others and inspire and be inspired. You might notice you have a bit more creative energy at this time of the month.

In northern hemisphere cultures, the February full moon is called the Snow Moon, for obvious reasons. And also the Hunger Moon, relating to the scarcity of food from the land and hard hunting conditions in winter. It can be a harsh month, with little glimpses of spring that tempt us out, and then icy blasts of winter that force us indoors again. It is still very much a time for resting and being slow, even as we feel the call to get moving and doing again. 

Devoting time to resting is a conscious act of self-care that renews our physical and mental energy. We can wait until we’re exhausted by boredom or frazzled with stress and then collapse in a heap. Or we can choose to stop and care for ourselves with regular deep and deliberate periods of rest to sustain our energy.

A good place to start is to be guided into relaxation, to have a calm voice hold a safe space for you to relax into, and that’s what I offer in the Breathing Space. The yoga nidra is an extended version of the ten-minute relaxation you’ll have experienced at the end of a yoga class. You know how wonderful that feels, and you can times the effect by ten!

Practicing yoga nidra can help you sleep better, improve your concentration, and tune up your imagination and that impacts so many different areas of life. Learning how to rest the mind can ease deeply-held tensions in the body, and when we let go of tension quite often the aches and pains and the worries disappear too. 

If that sounds good to you, get in touch and I’ll send you the zoom link.

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