The Breathing Space is back!

Celebrate the energy of the Autumn Equinox – 7.30pm Friday 24th September

The sun is still warm and the nights are drawing in. It’s time to grab your blankets and get ready for yoga nidra.

Yes, the Breathing Space is back!
This is a regular monthly retreat into a calm headspace. An hour of self-care where I lead you through a centring guided meditation and an inspiring and deeply physically relaxing yoga nidra. 

Come and join me in zoomland on Friday evening and let your body-mind rest and replenish. Let the insights of the lingering season bubble up inside you. This is a liminal, dreamy time as late summer mellows into autumn. A time to celebrate and appreciate what you’ve achieved this year, to harvest the gold of your learning and your wisdom. 

We reach the autumn equinox on Wednesday, when the northern hemisphere begins its gradual tilt into the darker months of the year. Align yourself with the planet and take a moment to integrate summer’s abundance and move confidently towards winter with a deep feeling of gratitude.

Get in touch for more details and the zoom link.

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