Equinox – balance point

Autumn Equinox Breathing Space – Friday 25th Sept, 7.30pm-8.30pm on Zoom

The planet passes through its point of equilibrium at the end of September, the northern hemisphere tilts away from the sun and nature begins a colourful descent into autumn. Memories of summer drift on gentle breezes, or the wind roars the promise of wintertime around the corner.

So this is the balance point. The turning point. The Earth has breathed out the fullness of summer and now a great inhalation draws everything back into the soil, into itself. The planet breathes just as every living thing on it breathes.

If we let ourselves align to the natural cycle of the seasons, we too can enjoy this inhalation, this gathering in, a harvest of our year. Drawing in what we need to sustain us through the darker months. Counting our blessings. Receiving in what nourishes us at every level. Acknowledging our achievements, big and small. Recognising the wisdom revealed in our everyday living.

So what are you harvesting? What memories will sustain you and bring a smile? What simple gratitudes can you take with you into the darker months, to bolster your sense of wellbeing?

As daytime and night time come into perfect balance at the equinox, how is your own sense of equilibrium? 

These and other contemplations will be part of this month’s guided meditation and yoga nidra deep relaxation. Let’s explore the inhale and the exhale and what will help us find and keep our equilibrium as the season turns.

Create a quiet and cosy space, close your eyes….and simply BE… No experience needed, no effort required, just turn up and let me guide you into a calm and receptive state where the cares of the week can fall away. 
Begin upright, sitting on the floor or the sofa for a meditative deep breathing exercise. Have blankets and cushions ready to lie down for the yoga nidra.

I began these evening sessions as an extra way to support my yoga students and I offer them freely and with love to all. Donations are appreciated (whatever you can afford at this time) via Paypal http://paypal.me/traceyjroberts or ask for my bank details.

Get in touch and I will send you the zoom link. Look forward to seeing you!

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