Earth, air, fire, water

Hallowed Eve Breathing Space – Friday 30th October, 7.30pm – 8.30pm on Zoom

And using the Elemental Energies to guide our yoga practice and self inquiry

As the world continues to feel a lot crazy, let’s find sanctuary and stability in the knowledge that we are part of nature. As the leaves turn colour and autumn comes into its brilliance, the reality that everything changes comes into sharp focus. Life is always in flux, moving through decay and rebirth, always breaking down and being remade.

If we can tune into that cycle which we are naturally a part of, it can help put the chaos into context. Everything changes and yet our innate adaptability can be the solid ground on which to stand.

Wherever you are, try this right now. Read the words slowly and let your attention rest into the gaps between the words…
Take a slow breath low into the belly, in and out, feel your feet on the ground, let your weight yield to gravity. Watch, listen, feel. Come into your wholeness and become part of the deeper harmony of the present moment.

We are nature, if we choose to be
I had a lovely walk with a friend this week and as we followed a stream down the combe through woodland she sighed happily and said how autumn is all about feeling. And I totally agree. We seem to come more into tune with what’s going on in nature at this time of year – the colours, the delicious earthy smells, the cosiness of nights drawing in. We feel it reflected in our bodies, in the elemental substance of our being. Maybe you feel it as a call to slow down, a brilliant blaze of colour, like the leaves on the trees, fading elegantly away. Or maybe it feels more like a rushing, swollen river or the fierce heat of a garden bonfire, moving swiftly to get everything done and ready for the winter. 

The elements will be our theme in online yoga classes during November, tuning into the vital energies that shape our feelings and responses as physical bodies, as part of nature. The grounded reliability and stability of the earth element, the dynamic flow of water, fire’s capacity to clear and cleanse, and the air that permeates as breath and space all around us. The elements can be a language to identify our habitual patterns, to recognise what we need more of or less of in our lives, and to bring us back into harmony with nature as our ground state. 

Classes happen on Zoom on Tuesdays and Fridays 10am-11.30am, and Thursdays 6pm-7.30pm, and cost £10 each. There are spaces at the moment, so get in touch if you’d like to join in this elemental journey. 

If you’ve not used Zoom before and are feeling a bit unsure about the technology, no problem! We can do a trial run where we make sure you know how to join a zoom meeting and how to set up your home space for the best experience. It really is very easy once you know how!
“We so look forward to our weekly classes and the monthly Breathing Space meditation. At first the thought of a virtual class was a bit daunting, but it is not at all. It’s just as relaxed and friendly as being in a ‘real room’ with the other participants.” – Angela & Mike

The journey of our practice with the elements begins with this month’s Breathing Space – on Friday 30th October at 7.30pm on Zoom – ask me for the meeting link. We’ll venture into the Halloween darkness together (pumpkins and fancy dress optional!), breathing with the grounded earthiness and slow flow of autumn. I look forward to seeing you for an hour of deep self-care.

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